Solid Waste Disposal (NORM/TENORM)

We dispose of solid waste that is generated by our customers as part of their crude oil and natural gas drilling and production activities, including drill cuttings, tank bottoms, spill site reclamation, and other related byproducts, at our special waste landfill facilities. Our Eastern Montana facility commenced operations in June 2013 and is the only facility in the Williston Basin that is permitted to dispose of naturally occurring radioactive material, or TENORM.

Waste Accepted:

  • Contaminated oils from crude oil & natural gas drill locations
  • Tank farm spills/ releases (May require testing and radiation screening)
  • Pipeline leaks (May require testing)
  • Production salt water spills (May require testing or radiation screening)
  • Underground and aboveground storage tank releases
  • Drill cuttings
  • Contaminated steel (Call for specs)
  • Filter socks (require testing)
  • Pit liners
  • Non-hazardous industrial wastes that have a soils type matrix (Requires testing)
  • Cement & Asphalt (May require testing)

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