Buckhorn Energy Oaks Disposal Services.

We dispose of solid waste that is generated by our customers as part of their crude oil and natural gas drilling and production activities, including drill cuttings, tank bottoms and other related byproducts, at our special waste landfill facility in eastern Montana.  This two million ton capacity landfill facility commenced operations in June 2013 and is the only facility in the Williston Basin that is permitted to dispose of naturally occurring radioactive material, or TENORM.  The next closest TENORM-permitted facility is located approximately 650 miles south in Colorado.

Oaks Disposal Services

  • Drill cuttings
  • Filter socks
  • Pit liners
  • Contaminated soils from crude oil & natural gas drill locations
  • Tank farm spills/ releases (May require testing and radiation screening)
  • Pipeline leaks (May require testing)
  • Solidified frac flowback (May require radiation testing)
  • Production salt water spills (May require testing or radiation screening)
  • Transportation spills: oil diesel, gasoline, crude (Probably require testing)
  • Underground and aboveground storage tank releases
  • Non hazardous industrial wastes that have a soils type matrix (Requires testing)
  • Cement & Asphalt (May require testing)
  • Contaminated steel (Call for specs)
  • T-NORM waste with concentrations of RA226 + 228 up to 50 pCi/g
  • Any municipal waste

899 Road 448
Lindsay,Dawson County, MT 59339
Lat 47.297457, Long -105.065541

Site: (406) 584-3499
Emergency Phone: (406) 584-3499

Details: The Oaks Disposal facility is located approximately 15 miles West / North West of Glendive Montana

  • Coming from Sidney, MT Highway 16 – Take Highway 254 (Bloomfield Highway) go 10.5 miles, turn left on to Dawson County Road 454 – go 9.4 miles, turn right on to County Road 448. Go 1.5 miles to the disposal.
  • I-94 Exit 211 – turn right onto 200 south, go west 12.5 miles, turn right onto County Road 437.  Go 5.8 miles to “T” – turn Left onto County road 454, go 3 miles.  Turn right on to county road 448.  Go 1.5 miles to the disposal.
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