Our primary service lines give operators a reliable,
cost-effective option for safe disposal for oilfield waste.

We help oil and gas companies tackle complex disposal challenges in our dynamic and sometimes volatile industry. The industry is challenged to keep current with the ever-changing regulatory and legal environment that impacts waste disposal. In addition, new technologies and methods have the potential to improve waste disposal. We use our expertise to help operators design, build and manage a waste disposal solution that works today, and will continue to work in the years to come.

Solid Waste Disposal

Development drilling programs need a waste solution to reliably and safely dispose of waste byproducts. Our special waste landfill facility in eastern Montana serves the Williston Basin and is the only facility permitted to dispose of naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) within 650 miles. We also operate a second special waste landfill facility near Williston, North Dakota.

Gathering Systems

Gathering systems are an alternative method for transporting saltwater from well locations to SWD facilities. Piping produced water reduces an operator’s costs associated with transporting water by reducing truck traffic, enhances environmental safety, and reduces impact on local infrastructures. We intend to utilize our experience constructing saltwater pipeline gathering systems to develop additional direct pipeline connections between our SWD facilities and our customers’ operations.

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